Monday, April 18, 2011

From pants to purse

Just to get it out of the way, this is all you get from the slumber party!

Now that's out of the way!
The next morning, I shot up out of bed with the crafting bug! I had a pair of brown, linen pants in a bag of stuff I intended to donate. I pulled those babies out and headed to the sewing machine.

Lightbulb moment
The bottom leg of a pair of pants could be a tote bag.

2nd lightbulb
The bottom of 2 legs could be a TWO POCKET bag!

So I cut the bottom of the two legs off, leaving one half of one leg long to become a fold-over flap.
Make sure everything is inside out before sewing.
I hemmed the edges of the top and the flap.

I sewed together the bottom and sides. Turned it all right-side out, and added a button hole and button. Now all I need is a strap. Rock. On.

*Note: I didn't pay attention to where my flap was when I sewed everything together, so now only one pocket is covered. Also note: I had not thought about the pocket that would be formed between the two pants legs when I sewed them together. I was amazed by the magic of my sewing machine when I ended up with three pockets.

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