Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NOT a diet

I am absolutely, positively not on a diet. If I were, my body would immediately shut out all reason and demand cookies until I cave. However, I snack A LOT. Every 2-3 hours, I'd say. And I've come to the conclusion that there are probably better snacks to eat than cookies, crackers, bagels, carby carby mccarbersons.

So today begins my adventures in "healthier" snacking.

Today I ate a small portion of cottage cheese and mandarin oranges for morning snack (I don't eat breakfast.)

For pre-lunch snack, I had walnuts and dried cranberries.

Lunch was a bowl of hearty tomato soup.

After-lunch snack was possibly my favorite of the day: two spoonfuls of cottage cheese, 1/3 cucumber, 2 cherry tomatoes and pepper.

That's healthy, right?

For dinner, my roommate is making asparagus and some coconut tofu while I whip up vegan lemon aioli sauce for the asparagus and vegan peanut sauce for the tofu. Recipes for those sauces to come!


  1. I love snacks! Ooh, that peanut sauce sounds very good indeed. I tried something new tonight and made a vegan pesto out of tofu, cilantro, and nori.

  2. at least you're snacking a lot, it's better than eating 3 large meals, keeps your metabolism high :)

  3. Your after lunch snack looks delicious. I wish I liked tomatoes. I try to snack healthy too, but it's definitely hard and I fall off the wagon all the time. Good luck and keep us updated! :]