Friday, June 3, 2011

Give a girl a camera...

and she'll want to take ridiculous photos ALL THE TIME. Such is my life right now. I made the decision to buy a semi-expensive camera with my graduation money. (That's right, I graduated from college!) I haven't really felt like writing recently, so while I could tell you about all that, I'd rather just show you a lot of pictures. Enjoy.


  1. You are so freaking talented! Love the pictures

  2. I love that typewriter! Cute pics!

    PS - you won the Thank You Card Shop giveaway on my blog! Can you email me your mailing info and which card set you'd like to ? You can check out the card selection here:

  3. Aww, your sleepy cat is so cute! And I love the vintage typewriter!


  4. oooh I love these photos. What kind of camera did you get? =)