Saturday, July 30, 2011

Books for Kids! and {giveaway reminder!}

In addition to all the wonderful and amazing things my husband is, he is also a teacher, which might just be the most amazing and wonderful thing about him. He teaches 10th grade literature in an urban school and his kids are generally struggling to get by. He puts in huge amounts of time and effort to make sure his kids are learning something interesting, something that might just make them come to class (enter movie with Hillary Swank...)
So let's hear about his newest project! Weeeeeee!

Salve! As my beautiful wife mentioned, I teach at an urban school. Unfortunately, that school is in Oklahoma, where state budget cuts have made it impossible to bring resources into the classroom for the past few years. I'm trying to supplement the out-dated textbook with a novel called Sophie's World, which follows a young girl as she learns about the history of philosophy through a series of mysterious letters. The novel is on the AP reading list, and it follows the 10th grade history track perfectly with its emphasis on Greek and Roman philosophers. I've posted a project through DonorsChoose, an incredible website that helps teachers raise money for classroom resources. If you're able, please check out my project here and pass it along to everyone you know! We only need 12 people to give $10 and the entire project will be funded! :)

Thanks, hubby! Please visit his project and donate a few bucks if you can!

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway before August 1!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Amuse me - Giveaway!

I've been on a jewelry-making kick lately. What fun!
I have an awesome pair of earrings to give away. Hooray! However, this giveaway will not be decided randomly. It will totally subjective, determined by none other than me. Muhahahaha! I am sick with power.
Post something awesome. A recipe, a joke, a story, a compliment, whatever you think will win you this giveaway! The top post will win a pair of earrings. Make sure you LEAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS!
This giveaway will run until August 1. Now dance, monkey! Amuse me!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries

As a new lover of Pinterest, (feel free to follow me!) I have discovered many wonderful things lately. One of these favorites is originally from Sugar Derby ... Cheesecake-filled Strawberries! Well holy crap, yes!
These were really easy to make and came out looking super fancy, so this will be my new go-to dessert for all parties. I didn't follow their recipe, though. Here's what I did:
Bought a 16oz box of strawberries (afterwards I realized I could have bought 2 or 3 boxes and had plenty of filling)
Sliced off the leafies.
Used a peeler to core out the white center of the strawberry, being careful not to cut all the way through.
(I saved all the strawberry cores for later...)
Bought a box of no-bake cheesecake mix.
Prepared the cheesecake filling according to the box's directions.
Got a ziploc bag and cut the corner off (very small cut! You don't want a gaping hole. You need to be able to fit it into your strawberry)
Scooped some filling in the bag and used the bag to fill the strawberries.
I also bought a box of raspberries and filled those, too. No coring required!
I poured some of the crust powder from the box onto a plate and dipped the tops of the filled-fruits in that.
Refrigerate at least an hour.
As for the left-over strawberry cores, the hubby put them in the blender with some Nutella to create a dip. aaammmmmaaaazzzzziiiinnnnnggg. Gotta love brilliant hubbies.