Monday, August 29, 2011

Tattoo Inspiration

I need a new tattoo. Pinterest isn't helping. There are so many beautiful things out there.

I need a tattoo of a bird, probably on the inside of my left bicep.
Like this:

But more like this:

I also need this on my shoulder. My mom needs this, too:

I also need some lines, cause I'm a writer:

 And some words on top of my shoulder, probably "Try again, Fail again, Fail better."

 And some words on my back:

And on the back of my right arm:
All of these photos and their links can be found on my pinterest.

Anyone else craving tattoos?


  1. Hah. Lindi, totally. She is THISCLOSE to getting some black and white bird silhouettes across the back of her neck/upper back.

  2. Yes. but mine is for my ring finger.. where as Matt can't ware rings and my body swells up to where I can't keep them on during the summer lol

    Sarah W

  3. Ooh, I really want one. But I could never decide on one. Love the idea of the blue breasted bird. :)