Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time to get crafting - Tutorials

To continue my love of pinterest, I wanted to share with you some amazing projects I have pinned that I just can't wait to start on! (Click on the photos for links to the tutorials)


Super easy tiered dessert stand. Glue. Plates. Candle Stick. Cheap and easy! Just how I like 'em.

I recently received a few burlap sacks. I intent to make LOTS of these pencil bags.

I bought a whole set of vintage silverware at a yard sale. I think I will paint mine bright colors instead of sticking to all white. I don't have that much class.

This one I want to make as a wedding gift. I think I will do each of their last names on the sides (she's going to hyphenate).

Just adorable. And useful! Actually, I will probably just write inappropriate comments to my husband.

What a cute trivet! I used to hand weave like this when I was younger. Believe it or not, I did learn a few Cherokee traditions! I have some t-shirt yarn I think would be perfect...


AMAZING! I want to make 3!


I actually already made one of these. I think it is dying though. Fail.


This is something that I will always love but never make because I do not own any power tools :(
Look on the website for the video tutorial as well.

What are you crafting (or drooling over) these days?


  1. wow im going to get down on project 7 today!! Its the perfect rainy day project! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are so awesome! I've had the crayon art piece on my list for awhile. I love that book lamp!!! The pencil case is fabulous, too!!!