Monday, October 31, 2011

Coat Envy - ModCloth

Oh, ModCloth. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
Not that I'll ever have the money to buy one of these. But maybe the hubbs will.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

15 minutes a day for an always clean house

The plan...

Monday—Sweep the house
Tuesday—Swiffer the floors and dust
Wednesday—Clean bathroom (toilet, bath, sink and mirror)
Thursday—Clean the kitchen (wipe counters and stove, wet swiffer floor)
Friday—Drink beer
Saturday—Pick up clutter
Sunday—Laundry (this may take more than 15 minutes…)
All the while, hubby does the dishes during the week. This could work!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest - Aria Parfait Vintage

 I wanted to introduce you all to a new blogger friend of mine, Sienna at Aria Parfait Vintage. She has a fabulous etsy store full of lovely vintage items. Here are a few of my favorites!

Tell us a little about you and your blog/store.
Hello! I’m Sienna, the gal behind Aria Parfait Vintage. I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and graduated from Eastern Michigan University with an oh-so-lucrative art degree. After graduating, I joined a national organization which recruits recent college graduates to teach in high-poverty schools for two years, which brought me to Tulsa, OK. I love art books, coffee and sitting on the balcony of my 1920’s apartment.

How did your store/blog come to be?
I’ve always been a thrifter and with all the great flea markets and antique stores in the Tulsa area I come across loads and loads of fantastic vintage. At the beginning of last summer I began scooping up all sort of items - some that fit and some that didn’t - and began to grow a collection; a collection far outside the ability of one preschool teacher with next to no social life to wear. With a lot of encouragement from friends and a lot of help from my very supportive boyfriend (he built my website), I decided selling on Etsy would bring year two of teaching some much needed happiness and non-teacherly creativity.

Why is vintage better?
All items in the shop are garments and accessories I would wear, or were in my personal collection. I’m completely lost in a department store and generally just don’t like the fashions, fabrics, prints and poor quality of garments available today. I’d like to outfit the other gals out there who are also underwhelmed by department store fashions with unique, carefully selected pieces.

What is one vintage item in your personal collection you just couldn't live without?

I can’t even pretend that it’s not difficult for me to ship each piece I sell. I’m still kicking myself for selling my favorite 1940s hat. Sniffle. But, when it is hard to part with something, I just tell myself it’s an excuse to go shopping.

Thanks, Sienna!
Now go visit her on facebook, etsy and on her blog!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Twelve by 2012

If you haven't already, please check out one of my very favorite blogs, Bettencourt Chase: Things We Make, Bake and Photograph. Helen and Lindi are two of the loveliest people on this planet, and would probably win against people on other planets as well. They recently posted a list of twelve goals to accomplish before 2012, which they saw at oh, hello friend, and I want to do it, too! My turn, MY TURN!

1. Visit Helen and Lindi. Definitely. Must do.
2. Sew a straight line. Not that my crooked lines aren't charming and all...
3. Make a throw blanket. I don't care if I knit it, sew it out of old t-shirts, however I can get it done. I can't explain why this is important. Throw blankets are associated with home and family in my brain.Making a blanket is one step in building a home.
4. Completely organize and unpack. We moved into our house in September and immediately unpacked almost all the boxes. In every place we've lived, there has always been one or two boxes that never get unpacked, one or two pictures that never get hung. It prevents any place from truly feeling like home.
5. Read TWO books. I was an English major. This is a pathetic goal. I'm ashamed.
6. Create an Etsy store. First I need to create some merchandise. Then think of a name. Please help me think of a name!!!
7. Get some nice boots. Nuff said.
8. Pay down my credit card. I only have one but it is ALWAYS maxed out.
9. Get in touch with my cousins. My family has never been close. We all do our own thing and that's fine. But I have family living in the same city as me that I haven't seen in 10 years. No good.
10. Start exercising regularly. Even if it's a few crunches every night. I have gots to do something about this pudge.
11. Hand make Christmas gifts. Something cool that people actually want. Not crappy stuff that they are obligated to love.
12. Send the people I love random mail. Whether it is a letter or a tin of cookies, I need to get out some good mail karma.