Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break at Home

This year, we are opting to stay home for spring break. It's not that we wouldn't love to go somewhere, but the idea of resting for a whole week sounds lovely.
But I, being the compulsive planner that I am, need to have an agenda! That might sound silly, but I know the hubs and I well enough to know that without a plan, this week-off-work would quickly become a week-in-our-pajamas watching entire seasons of TV shows on Netflix. With this compilation of activities, we will still have the freedom to do whichever thing we want on each day. See, I'm spontaneous!

1. Bicycles!
The first step of this will be for us to purchase two bicycles. Step two: learn to ride again. Step 3: Weeeeeee!
2. Antique store and garage sale shopping
Every day. Obviously.
3. Casino!
This will be an opportunity to get out of town for a night and see my mom and grandma. Plus, granny owes me $20. Gambling money!
4. Picnic
I might need to get a basket for my bicycle... Or have a picnic inside because Hubs hates the outdoors.
5. Hang out with friends
I have several friends that could be included in this list!
Awesome-Sister-in-Tulsa will also be on spring break and she has a bike! Also, margaritas are on the agenda.
Denise and I could get some stuff done at the Raw Intentions Kitchen.
Some much needed time with Chelsea is also in order. She is getting married soon! Awwwww....
6. Go see friends in other cities
LOTS of friends in Fayetteville! That is at least a one-day excursion. Maybe two days, if we can sleep on said friends' floor.
We could possibly make a trip to Dallas to see family. That depends on if Hubs wants to drive.
7. CrAFts!
I can be pretty lazy on this front. But I have starting working on a knitted giraffe. Jealous? I'm not surprised.
Oh, check out my pinterest craft board!
8. Cooking!
This will be a great opportunity to bust out the crock pots and get some yummy food in our bellies.
9. Reading booooooks
 I very much want to read The Great Gatsby (never read it in high school) and Wake Up (book by Jack Kerouac about Buddhism!)
10. Maybe a little shopping?
I have a coupon for Gap Outlet... And they upped my credit limit! Those tricky bastards...

I'm pretty excited! Does anyone else have suggestions for an awesome week at home?
What is everyone else doing?

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