Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watercolor, Inspiration for Tattoos

I'm still desperate for a new tattoo. Maybe if I saved my money instead of buying pretty things, I could actually get one...

Watercolor bird, found here.

Watercolor and acrylic bird, here.

Cool watercolor lady, found here.

Peacock tattoo, belonging to this lovely blogger here.

And an Alphonse Mucha tattoo, here, just because.


  1. I love Mucha. I think his paintings make pretty spectacular tattoos! <3

  2. I just so happen to know where you can get a pretty fantastic deal on some ink :D

  3. I LOVE watercolor tattoos. I have a watercolor bison on my arm. You can see it here if you want:

  4. Hi, the peacock leg tattoo and photo is mine and it's copywrited. You can keep the photo up but please link back to my blog and remove the pinterest link. If you don't want to change the link please remove the photo.

    Thanks and I'm really happy/flattered that you used my photo! xo

    1. Happy to oblige! It should be linking to your blog now. Lovely tattoo!