Monday, March 12, 2012

What a weekend!

What a weekend it was! I had a fantastic Saturday helping Denise at Raw Intentions prepare for Dinner & Movie Night. I designed a cute little menu for the evening.

And then the real work began! - Actually preparing the food!

Now keep in mind, this is a raw food kitchen. It is always so fascinating working at the kitchen with Denise. She is a hoot and a half . More importantly, she is extremely knowledgeable about health and happiness, and makes an excellent cheerleader for those of us beginning our journey in that direction.

Soon, Denise's kitchen will be open for business and we will all rejoice! Hallelujah for amazing food.

The Dinner went extremely well, and Denise was definitely in her zone.
Guests "oohed" and "wowed" and we brought out eat course. I think the tacos were the most impressive - every plate was licked clean.

And the movie! May I Be Frank. Very inspiring. Look it up. There were tears in people's eyes. Not mine of course.... that was just from the onions.

And how to follow that awesome Saturday on a Sunday?
Why, you knit a pink elephant, of course. Pattern here on ravelry.

I foresee more of these little guys...

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  1. I LOVE the elephant!!!!! And it looks like the dinner was so much fun. :)