Friday, April 6, 2012

One Thought Creates the Whole World

Earlier this week, I attended a short lecture on Chan Buddhism. One thing the lecturer said has been resonating within me since. He was quoting someone else (I'm not sure who) when he said, "A single thought created the whole universe." At first I was pretty confused. Then he explained. While the person who originally said this may have been referring to an actual theory on the creation of the universe, this lecturer was referring to something more internal: a single thought creates your universe.

Wow. So true.

Every day, I try to be positive. I try to make the choice to be happy and to see things in a way that is beneficial and good. But to think about it in terms of actually creating the universe around me with the thoughts I choose to manifest is so powerful.

Just as an example, I was in a terrible mood the other day. One tiny bad thing brought me down and for the rest of the day, everything was horrible. I let that happen. If I had just concentrated on letting go of that one thing, instead of choosing to be down, I'm sure it would have been a lovely day. When one bad thing happens, we create a thought: this sucks; I suck; the world is against me; nothing is going right. Once we do that, we have created that universe for ourselves.

Our thoughts and feelings create a veil, a lense, between us and the world. Everything we perceive has to travel through that barrier. If we can choose how that barrier filters our perceptions, we can have happiness and fulfillment any time, any where.



  1. This is the foundation for all manifestation. I'm proud of you. I feel like you're different even just in the time we have spent together lately!!

  2. The tiniest molecules look a heck of a lot like the universe.